A Virtual Tour of the CSC English Department

The best kept secret at Chadron State College is the English department. Yes, I realize that this statement may seem biased coming from an English major, but it has been the highlight of my higher education experience.

As an English Education major, my college experience has been full of





critical analysis

and more reading…

And I wouldn’t trade my major for anything.

The most valuable part of my educational experience has been the classes I’ve taken to fulfill my English endorsement. Sure, I’ll technically graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science in Education, but I identify with English.

Because the English department has made my experience memorable and priceless, let me give you the grand tour.

Before we begin, let me introduce myself. I’m Kelsey and I’ll be your tour guide. These are the most important things you should know about me:

I am…


  • A cat lover
  • A CSC Eagle, through and through
  • A self-proclaimed poet. You brave souls can listen to some of my original poems:

Now that I’ve properly introduced myself, we may proceed with the grand tour.

We begin by walking down the long sidewalks of CSC. Many students who may have had late nights quickly ride to class on long boards, skate boards, and other non-motor vehicles with wheels.


Students know they are near the food (aka The Student Center) when they see the Tower Clock, a hallmark of Chadron State College. They also know how punctual or late for class they are based on the time provided by the giant clock.

imageOld Admin stands on the west side of campus, a building that houses Criminal Justice, English, and Education courses and professors.


Students know they are outside of Old Admin as they see The Three Muses:


The doors of Old Admin invite us in, calling us to learn.


Once we enter the building, we must head up the stairs to second floor…


On the second floor, we find navigation posts to guide our trip.


The second floor is THE place to be in Old Admin. Visitors easily identify the second floor with English because it oozes literacy.


People support literacy by donating their books.

If we look to our left, we can see the portal that connects students and professors:


Before we enter the portal, visitors are met by catchy English major propaganda and FREE books!



Enticing, right?

If we are courageous and step through this portal, we first see Brenda. Although Brenda declined an opportunity for a photo shoot for this blog, she graciously allowed me to take a picture of her work station.


Students love Brenda because she is facetious and has a stapler for our many essay papers. For those of you who use Brenda’s stapler or stop to chat with her, she wanted me to include a warning: DO NOT PUT CRAP ON HER DESK. It makes it dirty:


Brenda’s dirty desk and handy stapler.

Around the corner, there is a break room complete with a copier, mailboxes, and coffee.




It’s true: English professors drink coffee.

The offices of our lovely English professors are down the hall.


This year there is a new student lounge with audiobooks, comfy chairs, ambience, and FREE BOOKS!


The student lounge.


Audiobook collection and comfy chairs.


Free books.

Some of our professors enjoy interior decorating…


Interior decorator or English professor? You be the judge.


You could say English professors have an abundance of flavor.

I think the students enjoy it too.

This concludes our time together and now you have seen all you need to see of the English department at CSC. You have been a lovely group and I hope to see you on campus soon! I accept tips…

Storycatcher Writing Workshop 2014 — SAVE THE DATE!!!

 June 10th –  13th    2014 

StoryCatcherWorkshop What’s YOUR story?

Set in the beautiful Pine Ridge Region of Northwest Nebraska, we present a mix of hands-on workshops, critical feedback and inspiring instruction from acclaimed authors and teachers who are passionate about writing and  can help you get published!

We offer advanced workshops on revising your fiction and non-fiction, and a wide variety of sessions focused on poetry, story telling, blogging, memoir, generating new material and submitting your work for publication.

We wrap it all up with a festival celebrating the work of everyone involved in the workshop, from published authors to beginners.

Affordable, friendly and accessible! Check back for more details, coming soon!

Tentative Schedule

 Tuesday, June 10th

(Mari Sandoz High Plains Heritage Center Atrium)

  • Morning: Check in & Registration for Advanced Workshop
  • Afternoon: Check-in & Registration for General Workshop
  • Evening: Opening Ceremonies and Reception

Wednesday & Thursday, June 11th – 12th

(Chadron State College and/or Locations in Region)

  • Stand Alone Workshops will be offered throughout each day focusing on Invention and the Writing Process (Generative Workshops)
  • Advanced workshops focused on revision


Meet at designated locations for field trips and activities in the afternoon (Fort Robinson State Park, Chadron State Park, Museum of the Fur Trade, etc. Writing excursions may be arranged, as well as nature hikes/writing retreats).

Friday, June 13  — WRITING FESTIVAL

(Mari Sandoz High Plains Heritage Center Atrium—Open to the Public)

  • Booksellers, Vendors, Sessions with Publishers, etc.
  • Activities may include readings from session participants, talks by authors, publishers and others associated with writing.
  • A Keynote address by a noted Author

Visit our Blog Pages here for a recap of  the 2012 & 2013 Workshop, or click below for our FACEBOOK site with lots of additional images: https://www.facebook.com/storycatcherworkshop