Sample Assignments

Included here are some additional course materials representing my teaching of recent years (syllabi, assignment handouts, student products). Some of these items supplement the items outlined in my Environmental Humanities and Regional Studies Page. 

After each short description, you will find a link to a PDF document for those materials which should open in a new window. (NOTE: some of these files are large, so will take some time to load/appear in your browser window).

Requests for permission to use or reproduce any of these items can be obtained from the author at his contact information on the main page of this site.

  • Collaborative final project for ENG 441 English and American Novels.  A collective student “novella,”  Pieces, published at the end of our course in Fall, 2016: (4.4 MB): pieces
    • (and the course materials related to the project, including the final reflection: novelhandout)
  • Collaborative final project for ENG 344 Literature of the Environment.  A student journal, UnEarthed, published at the end of our course in Spring, 2016: (20 MB): unearthed
  • Course Materials for FYI 169AB Learning to Serve, Online, Summer 2016  (including examples from student service projects):  (11 MB): fyi169abcoursematerials
  • Course Materials for FYI 169AA Home on the Range: Farming, Ranching and Wildlife Ecology in Science and the Arts:  (13 MB): fyi169aacoursematerials
  • CAP (Capstone 469C) “Great Plains” Final Class Journal Project in the Fall of 2014: (15 MB) thegreatplains
    • NOTE: the following materials are no longer supported by the Chadron State College academic WordPress site. If this material is eventually restored, I will present it here.