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English and Humanities Program

ImagePlease Visit our Department Blog for words from our faculty and insights from our students, including the TOP TEN REASONS TO BECOME AN ENGLISH MAJOR. Jump HERE.

Why become an English Major? If you love to read and write, you have probably asked yourself — how can I develop these interests even more? And how can I make a living, doing what I love? How can I get paid for my passion of reading, writing, exploring and engaging great literature?

Advanced study in English offers a pathway towards many careers where you can make a living with the written word. But before you land that dream job, you have to feed the fire of your passion even more, and learn more, and explore more; the programs offered by the Department of English and Humanities at Chadron State College may be the perfect place for this exploration. Check out our menu above–read through our extensive blogs about the program, find out more about our program and how you can learn to make a living working with words!

Get Outside…

Here you see one of our students contemplating the wilderness area right behind campus, pen and  pad at the

Larissa Hastings (Photo by Daniel Binkard/Chadron State College)ready to record her thoughts. As the gallery below affirms, our students enjoy unprecedented access to writing and literary events throughout their college careers. We’ve recently sent students to Portland to attend conferences and share their writing with an international audience. We’ve gone to visit the childhood home of Willa Cather, and we’ve been meeting outside the school year for the Story Catcher  Summer Writing Workshop, where we have been able to bring renowned writers to campus and share their insights and inspiration with writers right here in our region. These are just some of the many opportunities to leave your comfort zone and open your world to new experiences and influences.

But what about AFTER you walk across that stage and get your diploma?  Evidence suggests that an English Degree can land you a good job in a wide variety of fields. But if you are truly passionate about reading and writing, and THAT is where you want to make your living, then there is no better place to get started than with the training and experiences that our program can provide. We will put you on the path to careers where English and Humanities students excel, and where they can make a living working with words: Promotions, Journalism, Law, Media Relations, Creative Services, Non-Profits, Social Networking, Government, Real Estate, Clergy, Film, Teaching and Writing… these are just a sampling of the jobs where you can truly get PAID FOR YOUR PASSION and WORK WITH WORDS in every part of your life!

We encourage you to visit our website at, on Facebook, and at Twitter: @outsideyourself. Here you can learn more about our various programs, our courses and schedules, and our faculty. You can also see and hear what happens in English and Humanities at CSC by clicking on the various links to multimedia, articles and information items. Finally, we have posted a number of resources and links explaining why English is a great degree choice for those who want to be prepared for a wide variety of skills and occupations once they graduate.

Once you learn about our programs, we hope that you will apply. Visit the CSC webpage for further details.