Tamara Bila’s Portfolio

English 8 will include the study of elements of a novel, six traits of writing with emphasis on descriptive writing, Holocaust literature and the impact of the Holocaust, basic elements of poetry, and grammar. Students in English 8 will also write an MLA style research paper and be introduced to basic public speaking strategies.

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Julissa Gomez’s Portfolio

This portfolio is created for my future 8th grade Language Arts Classroom. It is covering a 4-week writing unit over the Diary of a Young Girl: Anne Frank. Throughout this unit my students will engage in historical exploration through various assignments in my classroom. Everything is based off of the Nebraska State Standards for Language Arts assuring a well rounded educational experience for all the students in my classroom.

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Alison Smith’s Portfolio

This unit is targeted at 12th Grade students and will focus on written responses to Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis.” The students will gain the understanding of how relationship between families can be difficult and aren’t always picture perfect.  This will allow the students to connect the reading to something that they have experienced as well.

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Ciara McCance’s Portfolio

To begin with, my four-week 8th grade introduction unit focuses on getting the class on the right start to the school year. By setting up a structured and consistent foundation the students can scaffold their learning for success in the upcoming school year.The aim is to address the writing process, multimodal writing, speaking and listening, and digital citizenship aspects of the Nebraska Language Arts for Eighth Grade Standards. 

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Calyn Degnan’s Portfolio

The overall topic for this unit is to have students work on their creative writing skills while also observing other pieces to show them examples. This unit was originally directed towards 10th graders, but it can be used for other high school classes and can easily be modified. 

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Damon Crowell’s Portfolio

This lesson plan is my first idea as what I would want to do in my writing classroom to start the semester. This class would be designed for high school students, either for juniors or seniors. The workload is reading and writing intensive, and I do not think that any student in middle school or even a high school freshman would do very well with the workload.

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